Traditional Greek cuisine

  • All our dishes are prepared with local products and with the excellent quality olive oil which gives the Greek food its distinctive taste.

    Try Greek appetizers like tzatziki, dolmades (stuffed vine leaves), zucchini balls, tomato balls, eggplant salad together with a glas of Ouzo or local Greek wine. Our menu offers a variety of Greek traditional dishes like: moussaka, pastitsio, veal in tomato Sauce, stuffed eggplant, roast chicken & stuffed tomatoes. For fish and seafood lovers we offer: Smelt, grilled Sardines, Anchovies, Galeos, Squid, grilled or boiled Octopus and much more. Of course, we serve meat from the grill, as well as pasta, spaghetti & pizza. For children we have special menus. Don’t forget to try one of our home made sweets!